Homemade Kolhapuri Misal is different than Restaurant

There is a large fan following of “Misal Pav” as a dish amongst many people across the world. Although it is originated from Nasik, Maharashtra, it is famously called as “Kolhapuri Misal” for a very strong reason. Misal Pav is a common dish across Maharashtra and it is been served differently under the same name. Many times the Misal pav recopies vary according to the restaurants and the taste of people around the area, which takes away the authenticity of the original taste. Many times they use Farsana, Pohe, Green peas, Mix vegetables etc in Misal Pav and if a true Misal consumer knows the real taste, would not actually like what he is having out there in restaurants. So for such people we have introduced an exclusive product that is easy to make and tastes authentic, just like actual Kolhapuri misal does.

Why buy Kolhapuri Mandai’s Kolhapuri Misal Package?

“Kolhapuri Misal Package”, it is a fabulous blend of taste and high nutrition value, spicy and tasty at the same time. It contains authentic homemade Kolhapuri Kanda Lasun Chutney (Kolhapuri onion garlic chutney), Kolhapuri Sev-Chiwda, Matki to prepare Misal (Turkish gram) and Kolhapurimandai’s Misal Masala. All these ingredients lead towards preparing an authentic Kolhapuri Misal, and getting it from Kolhapuri Mandai is icing on the cake because, as we originate from Kolhapur, we understand the taste and the importance of homemade masalas (spices) and exactly what is needed.

Kolhapuri Misal is just not a word, it is necessary to justify the real meaning of it, so what makes it different from the other misals?…. The answer is, it is a perfect blend of proper nutrition, because it consists of essential proportions of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fats.

-Kolhapurimandai’s Kolhapuri Kanda Lasun Chutney is a tasty mixture of not only onion and garlic, but also 15 other authentic spices which are considered extremely healthy for health and digestion. It is spicy in nature, but it depends upon the proportion that is been used, it can be managed according to your taste buds and health.

– Kolhapurimandai’s Kolhapuri Shev Chivda adds only required amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

– Matki, comanly known as Turkish gram, a sprout that is highly rich in protein and has high nutritional values.

– Kolhapurimandai’s Misal masala, is a blend of the secret to the Kolhapuri misal’s recipe and assorted spices.

You can also add in boiled potatoes, they add in good taste and additional nutrition to the dish, and server with slices of bread. According to your nutritional choice, you can use white bread, multi grain bread or wheat bread. Kolhapuri misal is best enjoyed when it is made spicy, although if you later feel

that it has become too spicy, you can always sprinkle a slice of lemon or use a spoon of fresh homemade curd which will add in some pro-biotic aspects to your nutrition as well.

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